We are your trusted advisor and advocate.

One of the most valued benefits we provide our customers is one-on-one consultation, education, and support.

For instance, should you sign up for paid advertising with a particular company who is soliciting you?

How do you get more visibility in your service areas?

Do you need help deciding where to open a new or additional location?

How can you get more online customer reviews and where should they be published?

What can be done to maximize your existing paid advertising and other online marketing strategies?

We partner with business owners who want to participate with us in their marketing to make it better, stronger and long-lasting.

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We serve home improvement pros and home service businesses: Painting contractors, pest control, drywall, remodeling, plumbers, electricians, HVAC, flooring, roofing, landscaping, handyman, PC repair, carpet cleaning, house cleaning, moving companies, pool service, snow removal, tree service, interior design, remodeling, etc.

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We are an extension of your business. You won’t be talking with a salesperson, customer service rep or project coordinator. You work directly with the professionals who are in the trenches, manually fine-tuning and continually improving your marketing results. Projects Plus is your virtual, dedicated marketing team.

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Stop losing leads with one-size-fits-all marketing services.

We build a local online marketing strategy just for you.

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