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Frequently Asked Questions

We custom-quote every client because you'll need customized services. But guess what? Your monthly budget is flexible! We work together to determine priorities and figure out a good starting point. Plan on between $500 - $975/month for a single-location business, depending on how aggressive you want to be.

It depends on your current situation. Are your directory listings a mess with inconsistent addresses or phone numbers? Do you already have individual pages on your website for each service you offer or just a main services page? We'll work as quickly as possible to get things in tiptop shape for faster results. The average timeframe is 3 - 6 months. After that, you should experience slow but steady growth for the long term. The return on investment (ROI) for SEO is one of the highest of all marketing strategies.

Here is a simple formula. You will need to know your average job size or sale. A 5% return on just about any marketing strategy is good. A 10% return is exceptional. Because SEO takes time to gain momentum, you'll want to calculate a 6-month or 12-month ROI.

Switch out our example numbers, below, with your own.

Your Monthly SEO Spend$1,000
Multiplied by desired return on investmentWe used 5 for this example (5%)
Equals Total Revenue$5,000
Divided by Average Sale or Job Size$1,500
Equals Number of Sales or Closed Jobs3.33 per month

If you look at this annually, you'd need 40 closed jobs/sales per year for a good return of 5% on your SEO - or 80 closed jobs/sales per year for an exceptional 10% return on your investment.

Only so far as to spy on them to mimic, to your benefit, what's working for them and leverage, to your benefit, what they aren't doing so well. We do not accept a contractor client whose service area overlaps with one of our existing clients.

We'll schedule a 30-60 minute phone conversation. You'll speak with one of the owners. There are no salespeople here. Michelle is our Local SEO Strategist and Vince is our Marketing and Operations Coach. We want to know what your goals are, what you are currently doing in your marketing, what's working and what's not. Ask any questions you'd like. The next step is an audit of your website and online presence. Give us a few days to get it done. Then we'll get back in touch, make specific recommendations, and suggest a plan of action. We do not offer packages or one-size-fits-all services that do not maximize lead flow for local contractors.

We'll talk and decide together on priorities and a monthly budget. No contracts or time commitments. Our services are always month-to-month. We will ask you to sign a Service Agreement that includes confidentiality and mutual expectations. We'll spend the first few months in the setup and cleanup stage. We'll need a lot of information from you. Logins, details about your business, help with troubleshooting, project photos, and so forth. We will also schedule a monthly recurring 60-minute marketing call so we're touching base on a regular basis. There will probably be a lot of emails going back and forth as well. This is a collaborative partnership. Consider us members of your team with your best interest at the core of everything we do for you.