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7 Marketing Tasks for Your Administrative Assistant

Get More Leads with this DIY Marketing Checklist

Here’s a list of 7 free or inexpensive small business marketing activities that have a big impact on lead flow, visibility, and credibility but probably aren’t getting done on a consistent basis.

If you’re too busy to give them regular attention, assign them to your admin, office manager, or virtual assistant.

DIY Marketing Checklist

1.) Track Lead Sources

Create and maintain a simple Excel spreadsheet that provides valuable data about the source, demographics, and other metrics of your customer leads.

2.) Customer Follow-up

Reach out to each customer after the job is complete. Thank them for their business, get feedback on your services, take steps to turn an unhappy customer into a happy one, and ask for an online review.

3.) Respond to Customer Reviews

Respond to every online customer review, positive or negative, at your primary review sources including Google, Yelp, Facebook, Better Business Bureau, Angie’s List, and Home Advisor.

4.) Grow Referral and Repeat Customer Lead Flow

Keep in touch with past customers, entice them with special offers for repeat business, and consistently ask for referrals.

5.) Weekly posts on Facebook

Most home service businesses either outsource their social marketing or don’t do it at all. It’s a very simple and inexpensive secondary marketing tool that’s best done in-house.

6.) Project Photo Management

If you’re not already taking before and after photos of your customer projects, it’s time to put the tools and a process in place. Your admin can then manage and distribute them in ways that bring your business credibility, visibility, and more leads.

7.) Weekly Team Meetings

Communication is crucial, even if it’s only you and your admin. Schedule a weekly 60-minute call, web meeting, or in-person session to exchange information and move your business consistently forward. Your admin can manage the agenda, take notes, handle follow up and reminders, and otherwise help you be more efficient, organized, on-task, and productive.

Documenting Procedures is a Profitable Investment

The key to success for both you and your admin is documented procedures – step by step instruction for each task. A written process for repetitive tasks brings efficiency and consistency to your business. It helps important items get done – and done right.

Your admin can draft these procedures. Next, you’ll edit the document, answer questions, ask for suggestions, delegate any research or information-gathering, and help to fill in holes in the process.

Then your admin can finalize the document, follow it through a few times, and adjust as needed to ensure it is effective and getting the results you desire. Now, you have a working, documented procedure for each project or task and clear expectations have been set.

If any of these marketing tasks need to be assigned to another admin or anyone else in the future, they’ll simply follow the instructions.

You eliminate hours of training and your business continues moving forward without missing a beat.