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7 Ways to Increase Leads with Customer Follow-up

DIY Marketing Checklist for Referrals and Repeat Business

Do you want to build loyalty, get customer reviews, referrals, and repeat business, and develop a great reputation in your local service area?

Then marketing shouldn’t stop after you deliver customer services. Instead, it should be the first step in a lasting and profitable customer relationship.

Use our checklist below as a guide to customizing a Customer Follow-up process that fits your business. Many of these items are valuable and inexpensive marketing tasks your administrative assistant or office manager can handle in-house.

Customer Follow-up Checklist

1.) Mail a Hand-written Thank You Card

Pre-define three or four sentences that are written on every card. Add personal sentiment that applies to the specific customer. Personalization can be fed from the customer’s final invoice or notes from anyone who worked with the customer directly. Remember, flattery goes a long way, so be sure to compliment your customer somehow.

2.) Include Helpful Tips or Information

What do your customers need or want to know after they’ve received your services? Create a professionally-branded document that offers a checklist, tips or FAQs regarding care, maintenance, protection, safety, cost savings or other details that truly help your customer make the most of their investment.

3.) Ask for Feedback

Make it fast and easy for customers to provide feedback on their experience with your company. Provide various alternatives such as an online form; a hard copy survey with a pre-addressed stamped envelope; and a phone number to call.

4.) Ask for an Online Review

Right on your feedback request form, on your website, within your email signature, on your business cards and on any other company marketing pieces should be a link and/or brief instructions on how to review your business at Google and perhaps one or two other online review properties.

5.) Include a Gift

Enclose a small token of your appreciation by collaborating with another local business in their own promotion. Perhaps the local ice cream shop would give you coupons for two free ice cream cones or the local florist would give you certificates for a free bouquet of flowers.

6.) Ask for Referrals
Include 4 to 6 business cards, a refrigerator magnet or other more permanent reminder of your company, a referral form they can return in the mail (postage-paid) or submit online, as well as a special offer, should one of their referrals hire your business.

7.) A Personal Phone Call

Call your list of most recent happy customers. Remind them that they were happy with your services, ask if they have any questions regarding maintenance or care, and then ask for a favor. That favor is a referral. Do they know anyone – friends, family, neighbors – that might benefit from your services?

Reassure them there will be no sales pressure. You’d just like the opportunity to provide a free estimate. If they don’t provide names, follow up with another favor request – an online review.

Save Marketing Dollars with Consistent Referrals

True success comes from personalization – from making your customer feel as individual as possible. Generic mailings, pre-printed thank you cards, and pre-written email templates won’t be nearly as effective.

Investing in materials and labor for customer follow-up is always less expensive than chasing after new customer acquisition. And there are many more benefits!

Gain insight into your target market’s wants and needs, resolve unhappy customer situations, earn positive online reviews, increase repeat and referral business, enhance your credibility and reputation, and build customer loyalty.