Our Business Model

Quality over Quantity

Projects Plus engages customers through a boutique business model in which the emphasis is on quality over quantity.

We are happy to be a small, dedicated team. We work with an exclusive number of clients and focus on the quality of our services, results, and attentiveness to customer needs. For the most part, we thrive on referrals.

Count on a Loyal, Lasting Relationship with Projects Plus

  • We connect with our customers frequently to deliver support, guidance, and advocacy that larger companies absolutely cannot match.
  • Each member of our team is trained to provide a highly specialized level of expertise, personal attention, and service.
  • Our customers are individuals with wants, needs, and goals for their business that directly affect their personal well-being. It’s personal for us too. We go above and beyond to bring about success.
  • We don’t try to be everything to everyone, nor do we pursue a relationship with every customer who inquires. Our services are distinct and uniquely designed for a very particular type of business owner.
  • We will not compromise the customer experience for poor ethics or to make a few more dollars.
  • We compete on the quality of our service and the long-term loyalty of our customers who consistently benefit from a great experience and exceptional results.

Our Mission

The value of our work is that we use a customized approach to develop a lasting, quality product for Home Service Business Owners who need the internet to grow their company.

We are personally invested in the success of our customers in that we provide trusted guidance and position ourselves as an extension of their marketing team.

We strive for excellence, take pride in what we do, and enjoy making a positive difference in their lives.

"The quality of work by Michelle and the Projects Plus team far exceeds their competition. Actually, there is no competition! Too often, we have called on Michelle to complete a project for us with very little notice. She has, without fail, taken on the responsibility and completed the project by the due date. They dig deep, resolve problems, offer expert feedback, and communicate well. Results always surpass my expectations. I would, without hesitation, refer Projects Plus to anyone who needs any type of marketing services."
Shelly, U.S. Bank - Roseville, MN

History of Projects Plus

What began part-time from the dining room table in 1994 quickly evolved into a rewarding full-time venture built for the sole purpose of helping entrepreneurs like you succeed.

1995 - 2000

In the early years, we specialized in direct mail marketing coordination – everything from database design and data entry to copywriting, graphic design, printing, and mailing. As a premier direct mail fulfillment company, our clients included U.S. Bank, Sleep Number Beds, Jockey Underwear, and NBC television network.

We were proud to engage the talents of more than 50 stay-at-home moms for the data entry portion of our services. During this time, Michelle hosted seminars and workshops to teach women how to build their own work-from-home businesses.

"You and your team get an “A” on this last project, Michelle! I don’t give out A pluses!
The project turned out to be much more complex than we anticipated. Good communication. Thanks for the outstanding work!
Wendy, Kare 11 NBC Television Network - Minneapolis, MN

2000 - 2010

In 2000, one of our client’s, U.S. Bank Home Mortgage, hired Michelle to create an intranet website and provide sales literature, marketing training, materials and consultation to their loan officers. This assignment lasted ten years until the housing market collapse.

In 2003, Projects Plus began providing community classes for local business owners who wanted to learn how to use the internet to get customer leads and grow their businesses. During those years (2003 – 2010), we mentored an abundance of struggling contractors. We decided to specialize in home improvement pro marketing to help our friends and neighbors in the Twin Cities.

By this time, Projects Plus was formerly trained and experienced in:

  • Website Design and Hosting
  • Internet Marketing
  • SEM (search engine marketing)
  • SEA (search engine advertising)
  • SEO (search engine optimization)
  • Website Copywriting
  • Email Marketing
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Local Search

"As a long-term client of Projects Plus, I can say with absolute confidence that Michelle and her team have the best interest of my business in mind at all times. All I do is a little bit of print advertising. Projects Plus manages my website and everything online and the leads regularly come in. My business has grown from a one-man shop with a small crew to the welcome challenge of never having enough help and being tremendously busy all year long. What I experience with Projects Plus is honesty, trust, my go-to resource for local marketing, and unbeatable return on investment. Can’t recommend Michelle and her company enough."
Kevin, Welk & Sons Drywall - Wyoming, MN

2010 - Present

In 2010 Projects Plus narrowed their focus to specialized services in local website SEO, local business listings, and localized content writing. The internet provides many free and inexpensive business marketing and promotion opportunities that we consider long-term equity where our customers receive benefits for the life of their business.

Projects Plus is about empowering business owners – helping them keep their marketing expense low and their return on investment high.

We also expanded beyond Minneapolis/St. Paul to help home improvement pros across the United States.

In 2012, Projects Plus entered the franchise market to serve over 50 Protect Painters business owners with local marketing and consultation services.

Currently, we are in the process of bringing new talent to our team and expanding our offering to include retention marketing (for past client referrals and repeat business) and business coaching (to include business financials and operation).

"Michelle and her Projects Plus team have been the most positive marketing tool I have used in my business by far. They have enhanced my business immensely with SEO and local listings to give me higher rankings and many more leads. Their attention to detail and customized service has been a tremendous advantage and I really enjoy the personalized service. Projects Plus is a great asset to my business."
Louis De La Garza, Protect Painters - San Antonio, TX

Your Dedicated Marketing Team

Our in-house team includes a Local Search Strategist, SEO Pro, Copywriter, Business Listings Manager, Local Listings Specialist, Marketing & Operations Consultant, and our irreplaceable Marketing Coordinator.

We also have close, trusted relationships with talented freelancers and marketing agency business owners so that we can refer our customers to reliable, high-quality sources for services not provided in-house.

Contact us today to learn how we can help you generate more leads and grow your business.