The Projects Plus Business Model

QUALITY over Quantity

Projects Plus engages customers through a boutique business model in which the emphasis is on quality over quantity.

We are happy to be a small, dedicated team of local online marketing specialists for contractors and small service businesses. We work with an exclusive number of clients and focus on the quality of our services, results, and attentiveness to customer needs. For the most part, we thrive on referrals.

Count on a Loyal, Lasting Relationship with Projects Plus

  • We connect with our clients frequently to deliver support, guidance, and advocacy that larger companies absolutely cannot match.
  • Each member of our team is trained and experienced in providing a highly specialized level of expertise, personal attention, and service.
  • Our clients are individuals with wants, needs, and goals for their business that directly affect their personal well-being. It’s personal for us too. We go above and beyond to bring about success.
  • We don’t try to be everything to everyone, nor do we pursue a relationship with every client who inquires. Our services are distinctive and uniquely designed for a particular type of business owner.
  • We will not compromise your experience or results with us for poor ethics or to make a few more dollars.
  • To that end, we compete on the quality of our service and the long-term loyalty of our clients who consistently benefit from a great experience and exceptional results.

Our Purpose and Mission

As a team, we came up with this Mission Statement during a workflow session. It reminds us every day of why we love what we do, how we do it, and who we help.

We strongly recommend that you create a Purpose and Mission Statement for your business.

The value of our work is that we use a customized approach to develop a lasting, quality product for Home Service Business Owners who need the internet to grow their company. We are personally invested in the success of our customers in that we provide trusted guidance and position ourselves as an extension of their marketing team. We strive for excellence, take pride in what we do, and enjoy making a positive difference in their lives.

Your Dedicated Marketing Team

Our in-house team includes local SEO strategists, copywriters, business listings specialists, PPC certified pros, operations consultants, and project managers.

We also have close, trusted relationships with talented freelancers and marketing agencies so that we can refer our customers to reliable, high-quality sources for services not provided in-house.

What's the story of your business? We'd love to hear it.

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