Contractor SEO Gets Your Website Found in Search Results

Monthly search engine optimization is a very successful, ongoing process of improving your website's position (i.e. ranking) on search results pages for words and phrases suited to your services and service area.

Smart Contractor Marketing includes website SEO so customers can find your business and attract leads.

These factors are constantly evolving as technology (such as mobile), the search engines, and consumer demand advances.

We make adjustments and enhancements every month based on competitive, industry, and performance analysis to regularly improve your results and generate more organic leads from your website.

Contractor SEO Services

Website Page Optimization

We update and add keywords, linking, and other criteria to both the back-end HTML code and the public text of your website pages to help the search engines understand what you do, who needs your services, and where you provide services.

This process involves:

  • Audit of your website structure, navigation, and content.
  • Comprehensive localized keyword research.
  • Competitive research.
  • Analysis of your physical location and service areas.
  • Professional copywriting and on-page optimization.

Localized Link Building

This process is two-fold:

  • Extensive, ongoing scrutiny of websites in your local service area who are linking to your competitor's websites so we can match and surpass your competitor's online strengths.
  • Continuous probing for opportunities to link your website from other sites that will build your authority online. This activity has a powerful effect on improving your rankings.

Website Content

New and fresh website content serves three vital purposes:

  • It gives the search engines more words and phrases to rank your site for and improves your credibility as an active, legitimate business they should feature in search results.
  • It gives the visitors to your website, your prospective customers, the information they seek, builds trust, and greatly improves conversion. More and more visitors to your site will take the next step and become a lead you can convert into a paying customer.
  • It gets your business found online beyond your physical address to extend across your service areas.


As we uncover opportunities, run into issues that require problem-solving, address technological and search engine advances, pursue your competitors, and in many other ways strive to increase organic leads from your website, we'll need your participation.

Likewise, you may be solicited for paid advertising, want help for you or your staff in DIY activities such as getting online customer reviews, with desire input on specific marketing strategies.

We partner with you in your website marketing to maximize its success.


Ensure that your website has well-written pages for each of your services and for each of the top 5 or 10 cities in your service area. These pages should answer the most frequently asked questions of your prospective customers, address their problem, want, or need, position you as their perfect solution, and make it very easy to contact you.

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