Established in 1994, ProTect Painters was one of the largest residential painting contractors in the United States. Projects Plus Marketing had the privilege of partnering with more than 50 ProTect Painters owners with local SEO and consultation.

Wayne Scherger - Small Business Coach - Atlanta, GA

Michelle Darling of Projects Plus Marketing has been known to me since 2012.

Our business relationship commenced as our company arranged its online presence and has succeeded since then.

As online marketing experts, that early contact with Projects Plus Marketing has grown into a close cooperative spirit with Michelle and her staff – providing a list of services and advice commensurate with my growing business.

I have come to admire in particular her willingness to listen, plan and tailor my online presence to suit my personal and business needs.

Projects Plus Marketing strengths are that they stay focused on the long-term sound “placements” rather than the short-term gain.

In the turbulent times of internet marketing, with rapid fluctuations, this has resulted in steady performance to keep us relevant – that has not been typical across the board in this category of internet placement.

Their pricing structure and fees provide a strong springboard to constantly monitor and re-balance my account/listings.

Their business presents itself as a close-knit family atmosphere, and they have always been pro-active in holding regular information briefing sessions with me in the rapidly changing search category.

I trust that this collaboration will continue in the future, and would be pleased to recommend Michelle Darling (and staff) in the capacity in which they have served me.

Wayne Scherger, Founder, ProTect Painters

Wayne Scherger

Jason Metz - ProTect Painters of Wesley Chapel, FL - Contractor Marketing

Michelle and her team are exceptional.

And I would highly recommend them to anyone in search of the best online marketing professionals.

Choose Projects Plus, and you’ll be glad you did!”

Jason Metz, ProTect Painters of Wesley Chapel, FL

Jason Metz

Chris Hildebrand ProTect Painters in Gwinnett County, GA - Painting Leads

“Michelle and her staff at Projects Plus are outstanding.

They really know how to get you the best exposure and results on the internet.

I get the majority of my business from the internet and Michelle and her staff makes sure my page is always up to date and current with minimal work on my part.

I have been using Projects Plus for over 2 years now and I know they are a big part of how I was able to double my business this year.

I recommend Michelle and the Projects Plus team highly!”

Chris Hildebrand, ProTect Painters of Plymouth, MN

Chris Hildebrand

Luis Fasquelle - ProTect Painters of Daytona Beach, FL - Contractor Marketing

Full support any day, any time always with professionalism, friendship and of ‘course customer service at its best.

Their services produce results!

As a new owner, Michelle took care of me launching my business and set up all my marketing logistics/strategies fast and effective, and as a new business this a must to boost a new business right from the beginning.

Thank you very much, Michelle and Amy!!!”

Luis Fasquelle, ProTect Painters of Daytona Beach, FL

Luis Fasquelle

Steve Winegar - ProTect Painters of Raleigh, NC - Painting Leads

“It’s important to get off to a quick start as you open any new business.

In the painting business, one of your least expensive source of leads is going to be internet listings.

Michelle and Projects Plus becomes a key partner, not just a vendor, in getting all my listings up, complete, and accurate.

She took time to understand my business and made sure we were presenting ourselves in the best light.

She keeps her finger on the pulse of the ever-changing search/listing/reviews world and makes sure that we are adjusting to those changes on the fly.

With Michelle on my team, I can confidently focus my attention on other areas of the business.”

Steve Winegar, ProTect Painters of Raleigh, NC

Steve Winegar

Mike Felten - ProTect Painters of Yorkville, IL - Painting Leads

Hi, Michelle. 

I just wanted to let you know that since you have started managing my Internet presence and SEO, I have seen a VERY noticeable improvement in leads through our website and through searches on Google, Yelp, and several others that I didn’t even know about!

It is remarkable how effective your work has been when I was paying the same thing to another service and getting nothing – for nearly a year with them!

Thanks for your efforts, Michelle. It is paying off for me!”

Mike Felten, ProTect Painters of Yorkville, IL

Mike Felten

Mark Mandel ProTect Painters in Summit, NJ - Painting Leads

I strongly encourage franchisees, seasoned veterans and new ones alike, to avail themselves of the services offered by Michelle Darling of Projects Plus.

Unlike most vendors who are quick to fade into the background after the deal, Michelle plays a role more like a partner who assists you in setting up a strong internet presence, a foundation for rankings and visibility for organic leads.

I believe that her efforts have played an important part in my strong revenue growth in 2014.

Mark Mandel, ProTect Painters in Summit, NJ

Mark Mandel

Cara Ehinger - ProTect Painters in Canton MI - Painting Leads

“I would highly recommend Michelle of Projects Plus.

After working with another company to set up local listings and SEO, we were referred to Michelle. The difference was night and day.

Michelle has the personal touch I appreciate. She took time to meet with me personally on the phone and clarify all of our company information. I could see the results of her work right away.

Previously, the company we used communicated with billing on time, but I did not see the changes/updates we needed for months.

Michelle works hard for me. I see the changes/results. I also see she is going the extra mile–she doesn’t stop with just ‘good enough’.

She goes deeper and works on all the aspects of the listings. Thanks, Michelle!”

Cara Ehinger, ProTect Painters in Canton – Ann Arbor, MI

Cara Ehinger

Sherry Armentrout - ProTect Painters in Seminole, FL - Painting Leads

“Michelle takes a very personalized approach in managing my local listings and optimization.

I switched to her from another company and the service she provides far exceeds what I was getting from the previous company.

She takes the time to really understand your needs and works diligently to get everything set up correctly.

I highly recommend Projects Plus Marketing to anyone considering this service.”

Sherry Armentrout, ProTect Painters in Seminole, FL

Sherry Armentrout

Louis De La Garza - ProTect Painters in San Antonio, TX - Painting Leads

“Michelle and Projects Plus has been the most positive marketing tool I have used in my business by far.

She has enhanced my business immensely with her SEO and local listing to give me higher rankings and many more leads.

Her attention to detail and customized service has been a tremendous advantage and I really enjoy the personalized service.

She is a great asset to my business.”

Louis De La Garza, ProTect Painters in San Antonio, TX

Louis De La Garza

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