Cara Ehinger - ProTect Painters in Canton MI - Painting Leads

Cara Ehinger

“I would highly recommend Michelle of Projects Plus.

After working with another company to set up local listings and SEO, we were referred to Michelle. The difference was night and day.

Michelle has the personal touch I appreciate. She took time to meet with me personally on the phone and clarify all of our company information. I could see the results of her work right away.

Previously, the company we used communicated with billing on time, but I did not see the changes/updates we needed for months.

Michelle works hard for me. I see the changes/results. I also see she is going the extra mile–she doesn’t stop with just ‘good enough’.

She goes deeper and works on all the aspects of the listings. Thanks, Michelle!”

Cara Ehinger, ProTect Painters in Canton – Ann Arbor, MI