Testimonials From Our Valued Customers

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John Guarino ProTEK Painters - Newton, MA

Supportive, Loyal and Trustworthy!

ProTEK Painters - Newton, MA - Painting Leads - Projects Plus MarketingI was introduced to Michelle Darling of Projects Plus Marketing by another ProTect Painters franchisee while inquiring how to generate additional leads through SEO.  I hired Michelle after our very first phone conversation and she has been a pleasure to work with ever since.  Michelle is the proverbial consummate professional – hard working, diligent, extremely responsive to phone calls and emails, supportive, loyal and trustworthy.  I know the word trustworthy gets thrown around a lot, but I mention it because in the internet business it’s hard to know if you’re getting what you pay for.  However, with Michelle, you’ll get everything she promises and a whole lot more and at a reasonable cost.  If you need some hand-holding through the whole process of SEO as I did and want your organic listings ranking at or near the top of the first page in internet searches, look no further than Michelle and her company.
Mark Sharpe Kimberly Contracting

Dedicated, Hard-working, Honest, and Caring

Kimberly Painting - Contractor SEO - Projects Plus Marketing Testimonial"Michelle and her company Projects Plus were recommended to me by an industry consultant. And after working with Michelle for two years I can tell you that was a very good recommendation. Any business would be fortunate to have Michelle and her team on their side. I have found Michelle to be consistently dedicated, hard-working, honest, and caring. In addition, she clearly has the skills and knowledge to help any business reach its marketing goals."
Ed Crandall ProTect Painters in Minneapolis, MN

Immediately She Got My Listings Fixed!

Ed Crandall - ProTect Painters“Michelle Darling has been doing my SEO for years now.

Prior to her coming on board my local listings (Google, Yahoo, Yelp, Bing etc.) was a mess.

I wasn’t coming up on searches for painters in Minneapolis and overall was a little discouraged about Internet Marketing.

I met Michelle through a friend who has a business in Minneapolis and he spoke highly of her skill. I can only report now how right he was! Immediately she got my listings fixed and maximized.

She was able to make some tweaks for my home page and within a few months, the phone started ringing with “organic” internet leads.

It takes a while for all the changes to have a positive effect, but it has only gotten busier. It also requires constant attention because the internet landscape changes constantly.

I would highly recommend Michelle and her team to take this project off your plate. None of us have enough time or expertise to get this right!”

Dan Schaeffer ProTect Painters in Austin, TX

A Trusted Advisor!

ProTect Painters of Austin, TX - Painting Leads - Projects Plus Marketing TestimonialI have worked with Michelle for the past several months on a variety of projects and highly recommend her services.   As a small business owner, Michelle has become an extension of my team a trusted advisor to me and strong advocate for my marketing goals.   Michelle offers a broad range of services and her customized approach is thoughtful, detailed, and relevant. Unlike a big plug and play approach she can customize a plan that fits your needs and budget. If youre considering any of the services that they offer I unequivocally recommend Michelle and Projects Plus.
Jason Metz ProTect Painters of Wesley Chapel, FL

Best Online Marketing Professionals!

ProTect Painters of Wesley Chapel, FL - Contractor Marketing - Projects Plus TestimonialMichelle and her team are exceptional. And I would highly recommend them to anyone in search of the best online marketing professionals. Choose Projects Plus, and you'll be glad you did!”
Mark Maher ProTect Painters in Eagan, MN

Ever Increasing Organic Leads

ProTect Painters of Eagan, MN - Contractor SEO - Projects Plus Marketing Testimonial“As a new franchisee, we are indebted to Michelle for her guidance regarding the nuances of setting up an online presence for rankings. Michelle’s expertise in search engine optimization has quickly paid off with ever increasing organic leads in our designated marketing area. In addition, Michelle always goes above and beyond by providing her insight on how to best combine online and traditional marketing to ensure the success of her clients.”
Jamie Cox ProTect Painters of Canton, MA

I Do Have One Regret - Not Finding Her SOONER!

ProTect Painters of Canton, MA - Painting Leads - Projects Plus Marketing“My name is Jamie Cox with Protect Painters.  I have been in the painting industry for 20 + years. 

In this time, I have worked with numerous advertising/marketing companies attempting to put my company in front of potential customers.  Early on my marketing strategy was very simple - send direct mail, knock on doors, or put up lawn signs - and the leads were there.  These days the customer base is much more complex. 

This is where Michelle Darling of Projects Plus comes in. I was introduced to Michelle a year or so ago as a potential accent to my Reach Local online marketing campaign. 

I was never fully satisfied with Reach Local.  It was a necessary approach initially getting me a degree of immediate internet exposure, but at a considerable cost per lead.  

Projects Plus has since replaced my need for Reach Local's services.

I was very direct with Michelle in our early conversations stating that I am NOT tech savvy nor do I desire to be so!   I have a very busy schedule, and I needed someone that I trusted and felt comfortable with to handle my online presence without breaking the bank. 

Michelle filled the order! Her low key friendly approach saddled with her mind-bending knowledge of how things work online has kept my company at the top of internet search results in my production areas.

 I could not be more content with my decision to work with Projects Plus.  However, I do have one regret.........not finding her sooner!!”
Pam Estabrooke ProTect Painters in Gwinnett County, GA

Rock Solid Internet Presence

ProTect Painters Suwanee, GA - Contractor Marketing - Projects Plus Testimonial"I'm often contacted by prospective owners for 'validation' calls about being a business owner. They have a range of questions most often centered on two topics: crews and marketing.   Well, Michelle cant help with crews (I wish she could) but what she can help with is marketing.   She was my first source for all things internet when I opened my franchise. She was so very patient and offered extensive explanations of what she was doing for me.  

Being a consumer on one side of Google is totally different than being a business owner on the other side of it.  

She helped me understand PPC, SEO, local listings and organic searches. I didnt necessarily want to know this much about the internet but its such an important part of my business and my yearly marketing spend that it was essential that I get a handle on it.  

Michelle is very thorough, knowledgeable, up on the latest Google updates and invested in all of her clients’ success.  

I cannot recommend her enough if you want to start out of the gate with a rock solid internet presence.
Louis De La Garza ProTect Painters in San Antonio, TX

Most Positive Marketing Tool I Have Used!

ProTect Painters of San Antonio TX - Projects Plus Contractor Marketing"Michelle and Projects Plus has been the most positive marketing tool I have used in my business by far. She has enhanced my business immensely with her SEO and local listing to give me higher rankings and many more leads.

Her attention to detail and customized service has been a tremendous advantage and I really enjoy the personalized service.

She is a great asset to my business.
Sherry Armentrout ProTect Painters in Seminole, FL

Very Personalized Approach!

ProTect Painters of Seminole, FL - Painting Leads - Projects Plus Marketing Testimonial"I switched to her from another company and the service she provides far exceeds what I was getting from the previous company. She takes the time to really understand your needs and works diligently to get everything set up correctly. I highly recommend Projects Plus Marketing to anyone considering this service.
Cara Ehinger ProTect Painters in Canton - Ann Arbor, MI

She Doesn't Stop with Just 'Good Enough'

ProTect Painters of Canton, MI - Contractor Marketing - Projects Plus Testimonial"I would highly recommend Michelle of Projects Plus. After working with another company to set up local listings and SEO, we were referred to Michelle.  The difference was night and day.   Michelle has the personal touch I appreciate.  She took time to meet with me personally on the phone and clarify all of our company information. I could see the results of her work right away.  

Previously, the company we used communicated with billing on time, but I did not see the changes/updates we needed for months.  

Michelle works hard for me. I see the changes/results. I also see she is going the extra mileshe doesnt stop with just good enough. She goes deeper and works on all the aspects of the listings.  Thanks, Michelle!
Mark Mandel ProTect Painters in Summit, NJ

An Important Part of My Strong Revenue Growth!

ProTect Painters of Summit, NJ - Painting Leads - Projects Plus Marketing TestimonialI strongly encourage franchisees, seasoned veterans and new ones alike, to avail themselves of the services offered by Michelle Darling of Projects Plus. Unlike most vendors who are quick to fade into the background after the deal, Michelle plays a role more like a partner who assists you in setting up a strong internet presence, a foundation for rankings and visibility for organic leads. I believe that her efforts have played an important part in my strong revenue growth in 2014.
Mike Felten ProTect Painters of Yorkville, IL

I Have Seen VERY Noticeable Improvement in Leads!

ProTect Painters of Yorkville, IL - Painting Leads - Contractor MarketingHi, Michelle.

I just wanted to let you know that since you have started managing my Internet presence and SEO, I have seen a VERY noticeable improvement in leads through our website and through searches on Google, Yelp, and several others that I didn’t even know about! It is remarkable how effective your work has been when I was paying the same thing to another service and getting nothing – for nearly a year with them! Thanks for your efforts Michelle. It is paying off for me!”
Steve Winegar ProTect Painters of Raleigh, NC

I Can Confidently Focus My Attention on Other Areas of the Business.

ProTect Painters of Raleigh, NC - Painting Leads - Projects Plus Marketing Testimonials“It’s important to get off to a quick start as you open any new business. In the painting business, one of your least expensive source of leads is going to be internet listings. Michelle and Projects Plus becomes a key partner, not just a vendor, in getting all my listings up, complete, and accurate. She took time to understand my business and made sure we were presenting ourselves in the best light. She keeps her finger on the pulse of the ever-changing search/listing/reviews world and makes sure that we are adjusting to those changes on the fly. With Michelle on my team, I can confidently focus my attention on other areas of the business.”  
Luis Fasquelle ProTect Painters of Daytona Beach, FL

Customer Service at it's Best!

ProTect Painters of Daytona Beach, FL - Contractor MarketingFull support any day, any time always with professionalism, friendship and of ‘course customer service at its best. Their services produce results! As a new owner, Michelle took care of me launching my business and set up all my marketing logistics/strategies fast and effective, and as a new business this a must to boost a new business right from the beginning. Thank you very much, Michelle and Amy!!!”
Chris Hildebrand ProTect Painters of Plymouth, MN

I Was Able to Double My Business This Year!

Painting Leads - ProTect Painters Plymouth, MN - Projects Plus Marketing"Michelle and her staff at Projects Plus are outstanding. They really know how to get you the best exposure and results on the internet. I get the majority of my business from the internet and Michelle and her staff makes sure my page is always up to date and current with minimal work on my part. I have been using Projects Plus for over 2 years now and I know they are a big part of how I was able to double my business this year. I recommend Michelle and the Projects Plus team highly!”
Wayne Scherger Founder, ProTect Painters

Close Co-operative Spirit ... Willingness to Listen

Contractor Business Coach - Atlanta, GAMichelle Darling of Projects Plus Marketing has been known to me since 2012.

Our business relationship commenced as our company arranged its online presence and has succeeded since then.

As online marketing experts, that early contact with Projects Plus Marketing has grown into a close cooperative spirit with Michelle and her staff – providing a list of services and advice commensurate with my growing business.

I have come to admire in particular her willingness to listen, plan and tailor my online presence to suit my personal and business needs.

Projects Plus Marketing strengths are that they stay focused on the long-term sound “placements” rather than the short-term gain.

In the turbulent times of internet marketing, with rapid fluctuations, this has resulted in steady performance to keep us relevant – that has not been typical across the board in this category of internet placement.

Their pricing structure and fees provide a strong springboard to constantly monitor and re-balance my account/listings. Their business presents itself as a close-knit family atmosphere, and they have always been pro-active in holding regular information briefing sessions with me in the rapidly changing search category. I trust that this collaboration will continue in the future, and would be pleased to recommend Michelle Darling (and staff) in the capacity in which they have served me.