Take the Website Content Test

Review your website content and ask yourself these questions:  
  • Is the content primarily about me and my business (we, we'll, us, our, my business name)?

    Or am I having a conversation with the individual who is reading it (you, your, you're)?
  • Does my homepage content immediately identify my customer's want, need, or problem?

    Or am I telling the site visitor about my business first?
  • How much value do customers receive who read the pages on my website?

    Do they learn anything, do they get answers to their questions, the information they seek?
  • If I remove my own business customization within the text, could my website content generally be used on any of my competitor's websites?

Your website content should accomplish the following:

  1. Provide any and all information a prospective customer might be seeking about your business and it's offering.
  2. Clearly communicate the problems, wants or needs of your customers and how your company best solves or satisfies them.
  3. Guide your site visitors through a subtle sales process that converts them into leads.
  4. Build trust, credibility and authority. You should unquestionably be the reputable expert your site visitor is looking for.

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