Website Content is Your Most Valuable Online Marketing Investment

Website content is the cornerstone of your online marketing.

Just about everything on your website is content - pictures, video, audio, text, links, call to action buttons, forms, and even your contact information.

Content is how you communicate with your customer.

Write to an individual - not to the masses.

Think about the relationships in your life. They began with communication of some form.

They are sustained and grow with communication. And what's the #1 cause of a relationship breakdown?

You got it - poor communication.

Your website is in relationship with the search engines, prospective customers, and existing customers. The quality of your content - your communication - directly affects all of them, negatively or positively.

Have a conversation with the individual who is visiting your website.

Take the Website Content Test

Review your website content and ask yourself these questions:  
  • Is the content primarily about me and my business (we, we'll, us, our, my business name)?

    Or am I having a conversation with the individual who is reading it (you, your, you're)?
  • Does my homepage content immediately identify my customer's want, need, or problem?

    Or am I telling the site visitor about my business first?
  • How much value do customers receive who read the pages on my website?

    Do they learn anything, do they get answers to their questions, the information they seek?
  • If I remove my own business customization within the text, could my website content generally be used on any of my competitor's websites?

Your website content should accomplish the following:

  1. Provide any and all information a prospective customer might be seeking about your business and it's offering.
  2. Clearly communicate the problems, wants or needs of your customers and how your company best solves or satisfies them.
  3. Guide your site visitors through a subtle sales process that converts them into leads.
  4. Build trust, credibility and authority. You should unquestionably be the reputable expert your site visitor is looking for.

Search Engines and Website Content

The text on your site should always speak, first and foremost, to the prospective customers visiting it.

But the other fundamental benefit of high-quality content is to help the search engines find your website pages and understand what each page is about.

It is recommended that web pages contain a minimum of 300 words, although 400 - 800 words are ideal. Google, in particular, uses the text of your pages to determine the specific subject matter in order to rank it appropriately in search results.

Learn more straight from Google Webmaster Guidelines.

Painting Contractor Content Example

For instance, a general Services page is not enough. If you are a painter, don't expect to rank well in search results for one page on painting services amongst the hundreds of other painting services pages published by other painting companies.

Create additional service pages as appropriate - not just for interior and exterior painting - but for kitchens, kitchen cabinets, living rooms, bedrooms, bathrooms, ceilings, basements, vinyl siding, aluminum siding, garages, porches, decks, etc.

Over time, build pages on choosing paint colors, FAQs, popular color combinations, the types and applications of paint, and related topics.

Now, you are providing site visitors with information on painting for any area of their home and you are miles ahead of your competitors in the number of quality pages and content offered on your site.

In addition, the search engines understand that you are an expert in your industry and the most relevant business in your local market when a web user searches for specific services such as painting a kitchen or bathroom.

Give visitors and the search engines unique, fresh, relevant website content on a regular basis.

Website Content Services

As experts in local content marketing with 20+ years experience partnering with clients in the trades, our content services are top of the line without the high price tag.
✔ Projects Plus performs a comprehensive analysis of your ideal customers, local competition, service area, and extensive keyword research.

✔ From there, we develop a website architecture that involves editing existing pages as well as adding new pages to your website.

✔ We create customized, unique, value-packed and fully optimized content pages, not generic text that any company in your industry could present on their site.

✔ Once a new content page is published, we add it to our monthly Local SEO program to include link building, monitoring and data analysis, and optimization enhancement.

The results are high-performing pages that rank in search results and convert your site visitors into leads - time, and time, and time again. It's a long-term, lasting investment that pays for itself many times over.