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What Do Contractors Want from their Marketing Company?

Dear Projects Plus Marketing,

I’m a home services contractor who was referred to your website via a personal referral.

Here’s some stuff about me:

I think I’ve been screwed over by other marketing companies, but I’m unable to articulate why I think that or what exactly happened. So, I’m cautious, I’m not entirely sold on how a good website or online marketing could benefit me, or why you’re different than any of the others even though you sound pretty nice on the phone, and I’m definitely not willing to invest a whole lot of dollars into this, at least not initially.

I’m kind of desperate. My business has been struggling along – some good months, some pretty bad months, no consistent growth. I see my competitors beating me out in search results online and I don’t get it, cause their websites aren’t that great, they have some bad reviews, or I have a lot more reviews than them, etc. My biggest investment is in paid advertising (i.e. lead generator, YP or Yelp, PPC, etc.) and it seems to be working (but I’m really not sure and can’t prove it) and I’m afraid to stop investing in it in case my lead flow dries up.

I’ve done some networking (well, I’m a member of this or that but I don’t really participate all that much) and some door-to-door (well, I paid my daughter and her teenage friend $25 each to hang door hangers one Saturday last year) and they didn’t work.

I also spent quite a bit in direct mail and got nothing, absolutely nothing (well, it was a generic postcard customized with my logo, no special offer, or attention-grabbing call to action and I only mailed it out once …).

I don’t like to read (your website, your long emails or an instruction sheet), I don’t really want to learn much about what you do, and if I have to learn something that you can’t do for me, it will take me a while to really catch on or actually do it … I’m just not interested.

So I need to trust you. And I need to see results very quickly. Results, to me, mean more leads over the phone or from my website; real customers that I can sell my services to; not people who are price shopping but not ready to do anything until next year, have tiny little projects that aren’t worth my time, or DIYers that don’t value what I do. Can you show me, every month, that I’m getting more and more leads from the work you are doing? That’s all I really care about.

By the way, initially, I might say that I want to be fairly hands-on in my marketing. But, honestly, I want it done for me. I’m busy. And disinterested in the details. Make it as simple for me as possible – just get me more good leads on the internet and be responsive when I have a question or need your help.


One of our favorite contractor clients when he first called us several years ago

Dear Favorite Contractor,

We’ve got your back. We’ve been helping contractors grow on the internet for 20-some years.

We don’t do it with one-size-fits-all packages, cookie-cutter services, or take-your-money-and-run tactics.

But it doesn’t matter what we say. So let us prove our value to your business.

If you are reading this article, and you’ve made it this far, we’ve got a deal for you.

Mention this blog post when you schedule a free phone consultation. We will waive our standard setup fee of $600 if you start working with us. We do not require contracts or time commitments – so you can basically get $600 of expert local internet marketing services for free should you choose not to continue with Projects Plus Marketing.

We look forward to hearing from you!

Warm Regards,

Michelle Adamo
Owner/Local SEO Strategist
Projects Plus Marketing, LLC.